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Placement Test Questions



Read the story and complete the sentences. My name is Anna and I come from London. I live in Manchester now. I study engineering at the university. Before I lived in a big house with my mum, dad and 2 older brothers. Now I live in a flat with my friends. I am happy in Manchester and want to stay here.

1. Anna __________ from London.

2. She ___________ Engineering.

3. How _________ brothers does she have?

4. Now she lives with _________ friends

5. Where ______ she _______ before?

6. Why does she want to stay in Manchester?


Read the text and answer the questions.

Hi! I am Pedro, and I am living and working in the UK for a year. At the moment I am work- ing in a bar but next month I will start a new job in an architects company. In Spain I worked as an architect and I am very excited about my new job. I really enjoy living in the UK but I hate the weather it’s so dark and wet! Before I came here, I thought the food was horrible, but now I don’t agree. You can eat food from lots of different countries and I really like Brit- ish desserts. The thing I like most about living in the UK is that you can meet people from all over the world, it is very multicultural. I am happy here but I won’t stay for ever. In the fu- ture I am planning to move to Australia, I think it is like the UK but with better weather.


What is Pedro doing in the UK?

He is living and working here.

7. How long is he staying in the UK?

8. Why is he excited?

9. What doesn’t he like about the UK?

10. What did he think about British food before he came here?

11. What is his favourite thing about living here?

12. What are his plans for the future?

***Pre - Intermediate***

Choose the correct word to complete the story.

The North of England has always been (13) different/difference from London and the South. In the past the South was rich and (14) exciting/excited and the North was poor and dirty. Over the past ten years, the cities of Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool have (15) become / became more modern and fashionable. You (16) can/could shop at designer stores, go to the theatre, and eat in some of the (17) better/best restaurants in the coun- try. If you get the chance then you (18) must/might visit us here!


Complete the conversation with a word from the box. (You do not need to use every word)

go / has / have / lost / would / gone / are going / did / missed / stolen / will go / will

“Hi Janet, how are things?”

“Great, David (19) _________ just phoned and we (20) _______________ to Rome for our wedding anniversary! (21) _______________ you ever been to Rome?”

“No, I haven’t, but to be honest, if I could go anywhere for a short holiday, I (22) __________ go to Paris.”

“Oh me too. I love Paris. We went a couple of years ago. It was fantastic, except I had my handbag (23) ______________. Oh is that the time? I had better (24) ___________!”

***Upper Intermediate***

Complete the text with a suitable word/words.

We are happy that you (25) _________ ___________ to come to Manchester to im- prove your English. (26) ______________ English in a native speaking country will help you develop your understanding and skills more quickly than if you (27) _________ ______________ in your own country. (28) ______________ _____________ will you benefit from your lessons but you will also be surrounded by English outside of class. That said, it is (29) ____________ to you to take advantage of this opportunity. Use English as often as possible whilst you are here, read newspapers or books, watch the TV here or listen to the radio. If you do these things, we guarantee you will improve your English at an impres- sive rate.


Complete the text with a suitable word/words.

It is (30) ___________ known that the English language has its roots in a variety of other languages, and at the rate it is still continuing to mutate, in 100 years it (31) ___________ __________ ___________ a completely different language than it is in its present form. Whilst its grammatical structure is (32) ____________ simplistic, lexis and spelling are (33) ____________ idiosyncratic, with duplicitous meanings and random spell- ing patterns that bear no resemblance to the word in its spoken form. There is no point (34) ____________ hailing English to be the most eloquent language, but it is by far one of the most interesting to study and difficult to master.

Writing test

Answer all the questions. Write 50 words for each question.

  1. Write about you & your hometown.
  2. Why do you want to learn English?
  3. What did you do last weekend?
  4. What are your plans for the future?
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